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Why I love Elliot's character?


I love Mr Robot, it's deep, beautiful and sad. We can anytime do an endless discussion on show's plot, characters and intention. But here I just want to pick Elliot's character and talk about what I love the most in him and what everyone can learn from him.

Elliot quote

Few words on him

Now, Elliot clearly had psychological issues, but series also show how everyone is sick. Even with so many personality disorders, Elliot seems normal to me. He just doesn't fit in. He believes everyone needs to be saved from something bigger - which they can't see, which is clearly true. He want to save world from mass social engineering, invisible hands which dehumanize world around us. Powers which bury our minds and steal our freedom and push us into slavery, blind us from truth. Make us numb and turn world into a dark place. It's very hard for someone new, who is in the bubble to even grasp - how Elliot feels and see the world. But most people who understand hacker culture, FOSS culture or support socialism might can relate.

To save the world elliot create "fsociety" (because fuck society) and he try his best.

What I loved the most

One thing, every person should learn from Elliot's character is how he never give a fuck about religion, race, caste, gender, sexuality, looks, money or any sort of metric, which people use to discriminate each other. He had common sense to understand a group doesn't represent an individual. Just because someone belong to some religion or some anything doesn't mean he is bad and deserve to be hated. Infact if someone follow wrong idealogy still it doesn't mean he is bad or deserve to be hated.

We know about Elliot's opinion about people because he talk to us. We are his friend!

Lets focus on some examples -

  • Gideon Goddard was a gay, but Elliot never cared for once, when he mentioned Gideon, he said

"I know. You thought I didn’t put the code in time, but I had to hide it quickly before Gideon saw it. Sorry. Have I told you what I saw when I hacked Gideon? When I peeked into his secrets? I saw a good, honest man. Gideon was wrong. I am finished here. I’m no good for him or this place. He was only protecting his people. But for me? I’m doing this to protect everyone."

Elliot understands, even though what gideon was doing is unintentionally evil, he is still a good person. He is just living in ignorance goes around in society. We don't even have to debate, what Gideon was doing is actually evil or not. But Elliot never went on hating every person who doesn't follow his philosophy, like a raging kid. Even for completing his motives, he never went for harming anyone. His revolution does ended with violence but it wasn't because of him.

We all know in society, how quickly people discriminate based on sexuality. But for Elliot these metric doesn't matter, for elliot Gideon was a good person (period). He doesn't even care about ideology clash or anything at all. He only form opinion based on whether a person is good or not.


In fosciety

You can notice many examples where Elliot showed this kind of nature, If you notice fsociety -

  • Trenton was a muslim.
  • Romero was black.

We know in eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko, how elliot felt bad for what happened to trenton, he went to her family and said "she was good" at the time when world was discriminating, rejecting her family. Same attitude towards Romero.

Also Elliot get friends with Shayla, he never cared she is poor or a drug dealer, he never gave a shit about society, infact he was working for All Safe, ofcourse he earns good, but never cared for social distancing with people based on their social status.

Now I know, you might think, this so so basic. We see this in every movie, protagnist are supposed to be like this. But, I still want to mention this, because this is the biggest lesson you can take from Elliot. World is filled with people who justify "wars", "injustice", "creulty". They will teach you why money matters, why you have to be immoral. World isn't fairy tale, bla bla bla. But fuck those people, be like Elliot. Elliot hated society, but he was trying to save people at same time.

In Season 4, Elliot met Olivia Cortez, she was working for evil powers. But she was good. Elliot cared for her too. Again showing how idealogy doesn't pushed elliot into hating her.

Now to be honest, this isn't totally Elliot, we know this is just a part of him. I believe all of us have a part like elliot in us. Somewhere deep burried, We just need to find that part and when this happen. World will become a beautiful place.

Do you dream?

In last

I am not saying Elliot loved everyone, or love everyone, that's not true. I am showing how elliot just see a person's heart and not anything else. I get some mails, people asking what's my opinion on Feminist, LGBT, Muslims, Pakistani. Russia vs Ukraine. I want to say it straight, I don't give a fuck. I only hate power, evil and system, not people I don't know about.