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Second strike on youtube


I got second strike on my youtube channel. My first strike will expire on 14 Nov, if I got third strike before 14 Nov - goodbye bugswriter.

Just want to tell you guys, I successfully managed to get the second strike on my channel. Second time, I can't upload for 14 days. This time they deleted one of my ytfzf video. You can still watch it on odysee - watch youtube with terminal.

you can watch tons of my deleted videos on odysee.

When was first strike happened?

Few months ago, after that strike, I deleted almost all videos which doesn't fit in "youtube guidelines". But sadly, I uploaded so many videos, I missed few. After this strike, I again deleted some other videos, which had even 1% chance of giving me strike.

How it works?

After each strike you can't upload, post and live stream for 14 days (at least my case). Good thing is strike get expire too. So my first strike will get expire in 14 Nov. But before 14 Nov, if I get another strike, I will reach max for deletion. Youtube delete channel on third strike.

My opinion on youtube

Fuck youtube

My opinion in general

Things were so simple, when I started this channel, I never cared about strikes, I uploaded piracy related content, I was ready for channel deletion anytime. Because, I believed, I won't do youtube my whole life anyway. But after getting mails with inspiration and support from community. Things are different now. But I am still okay with deletion. Lets hope I won't get third strike before 14 Nov.

What will happen if channel got deleted?

I will make another channel along with peertube. I won't stop making videos. Infact, I will do this in much better way.

Email me if you find any video on my channel with "harmful content".