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New editor for channel


When I was jobless, I started making and uploading videos on youtube, I love making videos (no). Editing was always my hobby. But after I got a real job, keeping up with channel got very hard for me.

My dream of making constant videos on wide vareity of topics, started to break.

Infact, I spend months without uploads, but now that won't be the case - I hired a professional video editor.

No more editing pain, RIP kdenlive. I now save huge amount of time. All I need to do is record a video and send it to my editor. Now releasing videos in every two days is easily possible.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I am not turning my channel into business. I know, it sucks, even lots of bigger content creator, also don't do it. But she will only do trimming. Don't worry, you won't see those stupid, unecessary attention grabbing zoom in/out bullshit. Or silly memes in middle after everything I say. I don't need stupid cunning techniques, to add little humor in my videos. I was born with humor.

Now I can make series on ricing, docker, python, linux, lifestyle, opinion etc. I can be consistent.

Who is my editor?

Now you might (not) wonder - Who is that person? Person - Shiny Parashar Shiny is a human and a freelance worker. She is also a good artist. She is our polar opposite.

Question -

Even after 14,000 followers - not a single female body watch my channel. How the fuck on earth - I found a girl? I met her on hillhacks. She doesn't understand tech, but she still edit great.

I will suggset you to take a look at her art work too - !!!INSTAGRAM LINK WARNING!!!


With great luxury, comes great expenditure. I always tried not to take donations or any kind of money from you guys, But yeah this is why I am writing this blog, today. Don't think -

It's always about my money.

  • Russ Hanneman

I can't spend my earnings on her editing. So soon this link will be working - donate me I will try to make all kind of donation methods.