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Social media - the underrated criminal


I live in India, and in my country you can find lots of hindus along with some muslims. Now since my country is filled with dumbass people like any other country (eg. America). These two groups keep fighting, talk shit about each other and argu Mine religion is better cuz..., your religion is shit cuz... all day.

You might can get confuse and start taking interest in this bullshit, you might start to think, that they are having a serious discussions, debates, some intellectual talks, they will show books, proofs, data, they will take you on a journey of deep explaination of each other's religion. Infact you can also get lean towards one religion with some emotional tales of mass murders in past. Don't get this illusion of sense, all of this is just bullshit. Don't lose your sanity. In reality, what happen is just - You bloody fucker", "No you bloody fucker by some idiots.

Now society is filled with powerless people, who got no influence over situation, They have no reach, even if they die no one is going to care. These people get power only in groups. But sadly masses have no brain. Groups can't act freely, They need leader, They are just puppets who dance over commands. Society have always been social engineered. Issue is the people who control them can't be powerless and system is built in a way - mostly assholes get power and these assholes use masses for their own benefits. So everytime when these stupid, powerless people come together, instead of solving their own life issues, they get blind by charlatans and these masses end up working for someone else benefits.

Nupur Sharma Case in India

Everyday someone talk shit about hindu or muslim religion. If I start collecting the number of offensive religious hate speech I see in 240p, even then I'll run out of my 5TB HDD. And just like everyday one day one politician Nupur Sharma went on almost every shitty news channel show and start passing offensive comments against muslim religion.

Note: I don't care what she said, why she said and I am not even gonna mention because - this article is not about this. I am considering entire matter to be just noise. Because I believe whatever it is, it doesn't matter. It was just daily bullshit.

Now for some reason which I will explain later, her comments started unrest in the nation and muslims started protests and death threats against her. Many arabic countries start asking for apology from Indian government and boycotting Indian products or something.

We got some slogans like Behead those who insult islam. And some muslim idiots took it literally and beheaded one hindu guy just because he was supporting Nupur's bullshit. Whoever idiot done this, it was less against hindu and more against muslims. I mean India is a hindu majority country with a pro hindu government. Are you setting a stage for a justifiable genocide?

Bullshit aside...

Lets come to the main, less boring part... Nupur Sharma went to all these news channels and every news channel have their own social media handle. She had very high chances of going viral already. Obviously her polarizing was subject to catch eyeballs and since whatever she said was icing on the cake on another heated issue going around on social media. All of this produced a very high retention.

Now for tech newbies - these social media algorithm works on retention and just retention, if people are watching full video, commenting on it, liking it and sharing it. It will start appearing more and more in other people's recommendations.

Notice how all of this was just happening through social media. Nupur Sharma voice reached to people through social media. This issue once again shows some really serious issues with these platforms. A social engineering of 2022, done by AI.

I know some normies will now believe this is stupid. But it's actually true. Everyday I see tons of hate speeches, but not every video goes viral, just because her video got picked up by some arabic countries social medias, this matter start getting popped up. Some people might think, all of this is getting controlled by some orgnanization. According to me, this can happen. These social media platforms like youtube, facebook, twitter can do this.. (I want you to understand the threat here), But I don't think they have any interest. You can ask who do these kind of posting. But it's irrelevant. This is internet anyone can post anything. Posting something can't do shit. You need reach.

Now lets try to keep this simple. I don't think any particular social media handle is to blame, it was collective. It was algorithm which created the mess. Now I want to mention this algorithm is actually a neural network (for tech newbies - AI). AI decide which video should go on top.

Trust me no arabic leader gives a shit about Nupur Sharma talking shit. But they reacted only because this content went viral in those countries. Their leaders got pressure to react. Usually the hate speech videos hardly get reach in India, for other counties it lacks context. But here in this case, everything was on place and most arabic countries start getting this Nupur's content. After this we see network effect. Since one video made its way in the algorithm, other people start using that video to gain views, including news channels. When something is viral or becoming trend, just talk about it, cause it's relevant. Basically this subject becomes mainstream. More people react, more hyper the condition get.

What I am trying to say?

All these social media algorithm is based on AI, so people end up watching more and more content and so these coorporation can show us more ads. For stupid entertainment shorts and silly pop music it is still okay (NOT REALLY). But can't you see the issue? AI see no difference between a Nora Fateh's Hip Twearking and a Hate Speech. AI can literally start spreading hate just because people are consuming and spending more time in it. This stupid, smartass AI have only one goal, coorporate profit and its doing it. No one even notice the fault in the system. This entire case just happened on social media. A poor guy lost his life, many riots happen. So much happened. But trust me. If these platform had no AI filteration on content, nothing would have happened.

This is a miserable state of modern society where people are becoming more and more numb each day. The only thing they do is react. They see nothing outside these social media bubble, We start discussing whatever comes on top by mainstream, Every week somethings new arise on twitter, youtube, facebook, dozens of news channel and entire nation pretends this is the only subject to discuss. Like nothing else is happening in a country with 1.7 Billion people and 28 states.

Fun Fact: Do you know most of the time when government have to pass some shady laws, they use stupid news like "Shushant Singh's Death" as decoy.

Here are 4 news tell me which news you will react to? -

  • Some underage girl got raped.
  • Some hindu died.
  • Some muslim died.
  • Some girl slapped a guy on the name of feminism.

You might think you will react and think about the news which is more serious for you. But fuck no, you will just react on whatever news got picked up by mainstream. Whatever news getting more retention, because after all every news outlet use same algorithm - "More eyeballs"

This is what we get when we look at likes, when we see who posted this content, when we see comments and we consume content with AI filteration. It affects our own decision making, our thinking, it makes us conformist. People see T-Series music not because it's good, because it is the first thing you see when you open youtube. This is why this followers model is bad. Anyone with Enough Follower can feed you shit. And you will consume it because everyone else is consuming it.

But aren't platforms supposed to stop hate speech?

Actually yes, these platforms promise us to stop letting hate speech spread. But NO. NO FUCKING WAY! Letting these platforms control hate speech is the worst thing we can do. First of all it's not even possible, the amount of data which flows on these sites, it's impossible for them to put a brake on something which is getting viral.

But the most important thing is - If we ask them to remove hate speech, we are letting them to take charge and decide what is hate speech, which is a big strike against freedom of speech. It already started, These platforms decide, what they think of as hate speech and ban people with any other opinion. Which create more conformist environment in society, not just everyone start behave like one another but only one ideology get spread. Personally I am 100% okay with hate speech. Let anyone post hate speech and don't delete it. Don't let these social media decide what's wrong and what's right. The issue is not they are not controlling it. The issue is the model. Which is the root of these platforms. This AI. Which is heart. This AI was built to get more attention for ads. But what about hate spread side effect of this AI? What about all these channels which are contantly feeding one sided opinionated hate video for one particular group consumers? This business model is bad and needs to get abolished but since it's so highly addictive and people are so less aware. It's impossible for so many people to abandon it.

Things you can do

  • Instead of getting fooled by mainstream. Start looking what actually goes on.
  • Get out of this mentality, social media makes you aware about surroudings. It actually just make you conformist. You start talking about same thing which everyone else is talking about. In a country with 1.7 Billion population suddenly everyone start giving shits about only one issue for a week and then next week some other. This is why social media is an issue.
  • Stop being consumer. Lots of people started this bussiness, where they pick one side and start producing content. Eg. One right wing channel making hate content on left wing. Understand the content provider is doing this as job and he is serving hate, cause this is what his audience likes, not because he believes in it. People like to validate their point of view to be correct.
  • Delete all social media if you can, but you can't obviously. You got so many "Friends" in this virtual reality. So try to avoid consuming news.
  • Never look for news outlet with lots of subscribers. Infact if anything is getting lots and lots of attention, most likely it's rigged.
  • Find one news outlet you trust on and use RSS feeds instead of any AI filtered article.

Final words

You might don't realize but if you get out of this bubble, you will find a real world, a healthy life. You will explore lots of beautiful things. Social engineering is part since we were living under rocks. But the level we reached in past few years is unimaginable.

I mean isn't this AI takeover being a real thing? You might think what I said is wrong, but still can't deny the fact if AI decides for you to watch anti-anything content. It is trying to change the way you think, now you might have a strong mind, but what about stupid people around you? Think in numbers, if a hate speech got serve for 10 Million people then 1 Million will get affect and start exploring the path of more hate.

We people are too much into mainstream social media bubble. A system which is perfect for coorporate benefits. Model which is dangereous. Co-orporation is killing the explorer inside you, they don't want you to think, they don't want you to find, they don't want you to decide, they just want you to consume and consume and consume.